Armadillo White

  • Open system, tweak software, hardware & materials in one system
  • Develop custom material systems and influence properties such as mechanical performance, porosity, density, durability and precision
  • Print cements, ceramics, metals, polymers.
  • Develop your own binder or choose from predeveloped binders
  • Easy switching of powder and binder


Technical Details

Printer dimension 1.700 x 1200 x 2.400 mm
Weight700 kg
Space requirements2.500 x 2000 x 2.500 mm
Printhead precision400 DPI
Layer height 40 - 500 μm
Print box dimension380 x 300 x 300 mm
Software Noah (included)
BindersChoose from predeveloped CONCR3DE binders or create your own
PowdersDevelop your own - Armadillo can be used to print plastics, ceramics, various cementitious materials and metals